Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So, here is the first answer:

Generally a good answer, but even my five year old will hear the word atom and his eyes will glaze over and he'll want to go play Ben10 or watch oldish Batman cartoon movies..

so, the second hit gave me:

I like this one! :)

Favorite Things: Treats

So, "Favorite Things" will be a regular blog posting, basically places/things/ideas in town that I support, and would love others to support.

So, my first Favorite Things are:
(in a tie and alphabetically, so no one gets silly)


My kids have grown up at Chaps, and starting a few months ago, I started going into Cappellino's, and eating cupcakes and cookies more frequently than I used to.

At Chaps, my favorite ice cream is still 4Cs, though I have tried many other flavors just to play fair, and I like the Golden Nugget, and the Heath Bar Crunch.

Most of all, I like these two places, because I don't feel like an alien with three heads when I bring my children and assorted 'stuff' with me into their establishments, they treat my kiddos as people and treat them like family. :)


original beginning...

I was sitting next to my daughter watching the unrecyclable yogurt cups floating in her little tub that she has almost outgrown, and I realized I couldn't tell her the reason why they were bouncing on top of the water instead of automatically dropping to the bottom.

I'm going to use my innate googleness and track down an answer that I like and post it.

That is one reason I started this blog, so I have a place where I can come up with answers to questions that I have so I can someday actually have an answer for my children if and when they are curious to ask.